Healthcare Environment Of The Future

As healthcare providers face a wide variety of environmental and societal challenges, NXT Health, a nonprofit organization, recently unveiled Patient Room 2020.  NXT Health is dedicated to the improvement of care delivery through collaborative design innovation, Patient Room 2020 is an interactive healthcare “living laboratory” that responds to needs of doctors, nurses, patients and their…

A-Light – Architects Office

The space and its light not only materially foster a creative, collaborative work setting among Cuningham Group employees, its outside specialists and our clients during meetings and presentations, they have become essential elements of the building’s energy-efficient systems altogether, and exemplify smart use of up-to-date technology.  

CALI – lipLEDs

lipLEDs Series is a field cuttable system designed with long life, energy efficient LEDs that result in low maintenance installations. lipLEDs is excellent to illuminate areas for cove lighting, accent lighting, backlighting, and other indirect lighting applications.  

Columbia Lighting – LED Zero Plenum® Troffer

The ideal solution for offices, schools, healthcare facilities and retail, the LED Zero Plenum® Troffer luminaire offers several different looks to suit every taste. The shallow profile and patented telescoping housing simplifies installation—even in the most restricted spaces. LZPT is a high performance LED luminaire that provides significant energy savings.  

Focal Point Introduces ZEPHYR

Zephyr is Focal Point’s latest work of art, displaying architectural innovation and natural inspiration. This new non-directional recessed lighting solution features a unique design, which creates the impression that the bottom lens is floating above you. Offered in 2’x2′ and 1’x4′ sizes, Zephyr also utilizes a dual lens optical solution to control brightness while maintaining high efficiency.  

Birchwood Lighting – ERIKA Additions

Birchwood’s ERIKA fixture has new additions and versatility, that’ll allow the design community even more creative solutions, while delivering excellent illumination to any space. The following options are now included: A reveal lens with a 3/8” illuminated edge A 1.25” round profile Direct/indirect 2.25” or 3.25” aperture rectangular profiles  

Seem4 by Focal Point

Narrow 4″ aperture slot asymmetric LED luminaire that integrates with the ceiling in a variety of mounting styles with a fully recessed optic providing clean visual aesthetic.